A Neon Noir production.

A Millennial Man and a Millennial Woman attempt to have Millennial Sex.

F*** is a satirical look at the current sexual climate in America, tackling the disconcerting issue as a raw and offbeat comedy. While a movement can become a revolution, a revolution can instil an aura of fear and uncertainty, which in turn can transform an otherwise human interaction into a political one.

The film explores sex and miscommunication in 2019 from both sides of the gender spectrum. It’s unfiltered, controversial and (likely) offensive.

Above all, it’s a look at how politics can change the very foundation of the intimacy we share with each other.



Co-Writer & Producer: Brian Cuccovia
Executive Producers: Benoit Beaulieu, Albert I. Melamed
Director of Photography: Shawn Pavlin
Art Director: Mary Lee Maynard

Editor: Maxime Aubert
Colorist & Online Editor: Samuel Armin
Sound Designer: Paul Lucien Col
Re-Recording Mixer: Martin M. Messier
Music: Fresco Van gOGh

Isabelle Giroux
Claudel Petit-Frère Aimé


OFFICIAL SELECTION | Australia Independent Film Festival (2019)
DAILY PICK | Film Shortage